Pruritus Disease In Dogs

dog scratching itching

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Pruritus is discomfort feeling stimulating desire to scratch, rub, lick, or bite on some part of dof’s skin. In normal conditions, pruritus is necessary to clean dog’s body and remove ectoparasites as well as compounds or hazardous substances from skin. If dogs doing this excessively, they might suffer pruritus. This behavior caused by pruritus can cause bleeding or even wound their skin.

Pruritus Causes:

This disease can be caused by parasite, fungal infections, allergies, or even from glandular disease, thyroid and others. It usually occur on pet that less hygienic, dry skin, or too hot / cold air temperature.

Pruritus Symptoms:

1. Excessive itching and scratching behavior.
2. Biting to often to the irritated skin and sometimes it makes reddish blisters.
3. Shaking head too often.

Pruritus Treatment:

1. Immediately do a thorough examination to lood, feces, urine, and cuts on their hair.
2. Give dog anti-histamine, type and dose must be first consulted to veterinarian.
3. Pruritus disease usually requires a long treatment, depending on the length of days suffered from the disease.
4. Shaving the hair, especially on the wound or inflamed skin.
5. Wash the dog with an anti-fungal shampoo (available in pet shops or veterinary clinics).
6. Give hypoallergenic foods, such as rice / potatoes, lamb, or duck.
7. Do a consistent treatment.
8. Clean the place for eating/drink and the kennel.




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