5 Things to Consider Before Giving Dog Foods

Dog Food

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Dogs are actually natural carnivorous, characterized by sharp and pointy teeth, and also have short gastrointestinal tracts for eating meat. In fact, dogs (especially domesticated dogs) are technically omnivorous. Dogs evolved over thousands of years to survive on meat and non-meat consumption, and also thrive on the various types of foods.

Dog food, refers to food that is specifically made and intended for  dog’s consumption, excluding meat and other raw dog food. There are several brand of dog foods in the market. Best dog food are considered as follow:

1. Protein

Dogfood should contain less than 30% protein. Generally, excess protein inside the body will result in skin itching, leg bones bent like a calcium deficiency, kidney stones, and other illness.

2. Fat

Fat should be contained about 12% – 20% in dog food. Dogs that has digestion problem, such as diarrhea, should be given low fat dog foods.

3. Trial Period

Approximately 2 weeks are trial period on giving a new dogfood. If within two weeks there is no disruption, that means dogfood is suitable for dogs.

4. Expiration Date

Expired dogfood can contain dangerous fungi, bacteria, and other source of disease. So, it is obviously true to select the dogfood that still has a long expiration date.

5. Brands

Each dog has its suitable foods. Don’t be fooled by the excessive promotion of dogfood from famous brands. Maybe it is suitable for other dogs, but it is sometimes not necessarily suitable for dogs. Try it first, but when something unusual or even bad thing happens, we should stop giving them those dogfoods.



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