Coprophagia: Dog Eat Poop/Feces

Dog Coprophagia

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Coprophagia is dogs’ behavior eating poop. Many factors may cause why dog likes to eat feces. Coprophagia is actually normal and common in canine behavior, and it is harmless. Eating poop won’t hurt them, but it poop contains worms and bacteria, and it is also really disgusting! Their breath will be stinky and they will spread to everything including us.

Why Dogs Eat Their Own Poop and How to Train the Dogs Not to Eat Their Own Poop:
1. Dogs deficiency on calcium and phosphorus. Solution: Ask veterinarian to give additional nutrients.

2. Some breeds, such as Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Flat Coat Retriever, like to bring something in her mouth. Solution: play with him. Make sure they are getting enough mental stimulation, exercise, training, play, etc. Boredom and stress are definitely contributing factors in many cases of coprophagia

3. There are bacteria in digestive system not digesting food properly. So, dogs continue to feel hungry. Solution: Give yogurt, which contains good bacteria to fight bad bacteria existed in digestion system. Some said that giving pineapple helps the dog not to eat his poop.
4. Dog food does not digested properly so that his poop will still have the same scent with that food. Solution: Replace dogfood with another brand.
5. Dog’s appetite is high. Solution: Clean up the dog poop immediately. Add garlic to manipulate the scent. This is the best solution. We can add chilli, pepper, or anything that ‘torture’ him when he eats his poop. By manipulating poop scent and taste, dogs will leave alone their poop.

6. Curiosity. Dogs may find it interesting and just want to see what it tastes like. Any further punishment given or attempts to make him give it up after this is likely worsen the problem
7. Bored. Not enough variety in diets cause dog bored. Solution: give more variety in his food.

8. Sometimes it can be vitamin B or K deficiency or it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Solution: Ask veterinarian for more information.
9. Some puppies may replicate cleaning behavior from their mother. Solution: Clean up their mother poop and train their mother not to eat her own poop.



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