Nutritious Vegetables for Dog


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Some vegetables have benefits for dog’s health. They contains rich of vitamins and minerals useful for dog. Although dogs are carnivore, some vegetables can also help prolong a dog’s life. However, dogs don’t have the enzymes to digest the cellulose — the outer layers of vegetables that is indigestible to canines. So, before giving vegetables, make sure to juice them in a food processor or blender, cook, or steam those vegetables into a pulp.


Carrots contain Beta Carotene that improves and maintains dog vision. Carrots also help nursing dogs because it can increase milk production. Carrots also accelerate wound and inflammation healing caused by virus .


Broccoli is high in vitamin C and dietary fiber. It also contains multiple nutrients with potent anti-cancer properties. Broccoli contains Sulforphane that exhibits anti-cancer and antimicrobial. Broccoli is also useful to prevent older dogs’ osteoporosis. Plus, folate contained in broccoli is needed for dogs in pregnancy.


Celery contains vitamin A, C , B1 , and B2. Celery also has other nutrients, such as antioxidants and anti inflammation. In addition, celery can helps relieve joint pain (Hipdyplasia) as well.


Nutrients in peas can keep the fat level in the blood and prevent lack of oxygen in the blood. Peas also contains Omega – 3 that is good for heart.


Spinach can improve the digestive system. Spinach also can be used to reduce the risk of cancer, treatment of bronchitis, anemia, and fever.


Pumpkin is good for digestion, especially in dogs that suffer diarrhea. Pumpkin contains high beta carotene. Other chemical such as, lutein, zeaxanthin, lignans, glutamic acid, and ferulic acid are important as antioxidant.


Food/condiment/vegetables/fruit that should be avoided are garlic and onions since they’re known to cause anemia in dogs if consumed in high concentration. Other vegetables that can potentially have adverse effects on dogs include avocados, tomatoes, and wild mushrooms.



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