Top 10 Most Viewed Dog Videos

These are the lifetime most viewed dog videos based on Youtube counts.

10. Husky Says No to Kennel

Don’t you understand. I said “NO!”

9. Hippo fart annoys dog

What happen next is beyond my expectation

8. Dog Imitates Baby

It’s mirroring

7. Doggy Lick My Fingers

Dog version of Charlie bit my fingers

6. Two Dogs Dining

This might be the cutest date ever

5. Mishka are you stupid? “NOOOOOOOOOO!” – Husky Dog Talking

Booo… it’s you

4. Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

Bizkit dream is to be a Forrest Gump…. Run Bizkit run

3. Denver Official Guilty Dog Video

It’s not Denver who did that. It’s alien!

2. Mutant Giant Spider Dog

The scariest prank ever

1. Ultimate Dog Tease

Just watch. This video deserves the most viewed on Youtube



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