Dachshund FAQ

Dachsund Teckel Dackel


Q: Where’s Dachshund dog originally come from?

A: Germany

Q: Is Dachshund the same with Dackel or Teckel?

A: Yes. Dachsund is also called as Dackel or Teckel

Q: Is Dachshund a toy dog?

A: Actually Dachsund is a hunting dog

Q: My Dachsund has long and wired coat. Is that not in accordance with the standard?

A: Dachsund has three different kinds of coat, smooth-haired, wire-haired and long-haired.

Q: Dachsund has short legged, is he has difficulty in moving?

A: Dachsund is very mobile and agile

Q: Is it okay to have fish or pearl eyes?

A: It is not desired but may be tolerated.

Q: What is Dachsund color?

A: a whole coloured, two-coloured, and dappled (tiger-brindle or brindle)

Q: What is maximum weight of Dachsund?

A: 9 kg or 20 pounds

Q: What is maximum circumference of chest of Dachsund?

A: Max. 35cm

Q: I want my Dachsund’s body is proportional. What proportion of body size should be?

A: Body length should be in harmonious relation to height at withers, about 1 to 1,7 – 1,8



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