Shih Tzu Without Haircut

Shih Tzu

8 Month Shih Tzu withiut haircut

Shih Tzu has the most beautiful hair. However, the owner must have an extra time to treat their wooly hair. Even, food and drink could mess their beautiful hair. What does Shih Tzu look like when we do not cut their hair over their face? Is it difficult to keep Shih Tzu’s hair around their nose/mouth? Do they need haircut anyway?

The answer is Yes, it’s not easy to treat their hair around their mouth/nose. You know, Shih Tzu has a pug nose, and long hair around their mouth. It’s always dirty after eating. Even, their drinking water could make their hair look dirty. So, what we have to do is cleaning up their hair after eating to keep it clean right?

A short hair Shih Tzu puppy may be easier to treat. This is the common thing people do when they adopt a Shih Tzu, by cutting Shih Tzu’s hair to the shortest level. Adult Shih Tzu with log hair is also a bit easier because we can wrap their hair with some paper to protect them from dirty things. What about the average one, for example an 8 month Shih Tzu? An 8 Month Shih Tzu has average hair length as well. It’s though choices whether to cut their hair but it will make them become less cute, or keep their hair long but it will take an extra time to clean their hair. It depends on how you deal with their wooly hair.

So, how to cleanse Shih Tzu hair if we keep them long? We have to cleanse Shih Tzu hair everyday to keep them clean, healthy, and white. It is still debatable whether to cut or not to cut Shih Tzu hair around their mouth. It depends on the time you spend to keep their hair clean, especially from bacteria.



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