Swimming with Dog

Dog Swim

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Dogs are an extremely amazing companion to exercise with. We could see them swimming at the pool, beach, or lake to see how cute they are.

First of all, we have to ensure that our dog is healthy. Then, we have to make sure our dog love the water as well. Let your dog feel comfortable with the water. Do not throw your dog into the water directly. Walk slowly to the beach/pool/lake, let them feel the water slowly. Last thing is to see whether our dog get used to get wet and ready to swim.

Every dog usually kick his leg if they are on the water, but it doesn’t mean that all dogs can swim. Some breeds, such as the English Bulldog or Basset Hound, are hard to balance their body on the water. Those kind of breeds must stay away from deep water. When we are confident that your dog can swim, we can throw toys (that can float on the water surface) and ask our dog to pick it up. Don’t forget to praise our dog when he succeeds.

Start with the shallow water/bathtub/pool. Put on the flotation vest if needed, attach the leash, and walk slowly into the water, letting her get used to having wet feet.

– Avoid a strong current and dirty water.

– Begin by tossing a ball into the shallows of the water. Let your dog run in to fetch it and he still able to stand. Keep repeating the exercise, until your dog is familiar with the water

– When your dog is happily familiar with the water, hold your dog with one hand under her belly and place her on the water surface.

– Keep holding her until she develops a good form and seems steady and sure of her strokes.

– Gradually take her into deeper water until she must start paddling to stay afloat. If at any point she appears to be panicking, back up into the shallow water and let her calm down before trying again.




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