Papillon, That Butterfly Dog

Papillon is included in toy dog group. Its wide and erecting long-haired ears look like a butterfly so that Papillon is usually called Butterfly Dog. It has another name Continental Toy Spaniel too. Papillon also has an athletic body and long-feathered curled up tail. Good to know that Papillon is such kid of docile, active, and children friendly dog. They also have a high intelligence as well.


Papillon Dog


This dog breed is commonly called the butterfly dog ​​because of its unique ears shape look like a butterfly wings. Papillon has a height of 20-28 cm and weigh of 4-4.5 kg. The common physical characteristics of this breed are having straight legs, black eyelid, dark eyes, straight up and curved long tail.

Coat Color

Papillon has several colors with majority of white as a dominant color. Dog coat color is highly variable and consist of various combinations of white with other colors. The hair around the eyes and ears should be covered by other color than white. Chest, legs, and tail usually have more hair than other body parts.

Life Expectancy

Papillions life expectancy is 12 to 15 years. Some papillions can live until 16 years old.




Although Papillon has a small size body, but many owners said that Papillon behaves like a large dog breed. First, Papillon has the ability to travel as far as 5 miles. Second, Papillon looks calm in the new environment. This is different with the other small dogs that always barks when they come into a new place. The third, and the most surprising, is because the Papillon has agility like a large dog.

Papillon is an energetic dog that has a high level of intelligence. In fact, this dog was placed eighth intelligent dogs of all breeds. In recent years, the Papillon was the star sporting agility (climb, jump, and play appropriately) for small size dogs.



The female usually only gives birth of 2-3 puppies due to its small size.


It is important to comb and brush Papillon’s silky and long coat. Use bathe or dry shampoo when necessary. Keep Papillon’s nail clipped and teeth brushed regularly. They are average shedders anyway.


Papillon was descended from the European Toy Spaniel. It was first seen in paintings in the 13th Century. It is rumored that Papillon is one who accompanied Marie Antoinette to the Guillotine.






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