Siberian Husky FAQ

For those who want to adopt new Siberian Husky at home, there are many frequent questions about this kind of dog breed. With the appearance like a wolf and the name of “Siberia”, Siberian Husky raises curiosity for many people. These are some frequent ask and question about Siberian Husky.


Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

1. Is it from Siberia?

Yess, SIberian Husky is from Siberia, Russia.

2. Is Siberian Husky ancestor a wolf?

No, Siberian Husky directly descended from the original “sled dog”. Siberian Husky is one of the oldest breeds of dog, which has the fewest genetic differences from wolf, But, Husky’s behavior represents the domestic dog’s forebear, the wolf, and exhibiting a wide range of its ancestors’ behavior

3. Should i always turn on AC for my Husky in home?
Siberian Husky can live anywhere. Husky originally lived in the country which has cold temperature and had the double fur coat to withstand that cold temperature.

In tropical countries which has warm/hot temperature, Siberian Husky can adapt their environment because they were born there. Provision of air conditioning is allowed but keep the fresh air circulation. It is because Air Conditioner (AC) is actually not good for skin and hair/fur due to chemical substance. AC can not change the genetic hair/fur.

4. Should i give Husky vitamins in order to make their hair thick?
There is no vitamin could change the genetic of skin / fur of Siberian Husky. If he was born with thick hair, then he will be have thick hair/fur. But if not treated well, it will be damaged. If he was born with short hair, he will become a short hair Siberian Husky although he is given many kind of vitamins. Hair vitamins will give a little help, but can not change its basic hair.

5. What is the meaning of Long hair, Thick hair and Short hair?
Long hair is a type of long hair, not thick, because the possibility of previously mated with Malamute. Long hair Siberian Husky looks like Malamute. Long hair is genetically come from its predecessor.
Thick hair is usually occurs in puppies that is imported from high quality Siberian Husky. While, short hair Siberian Husky usually come from tropical countries because they adapt the warm/hot temperature. Short hair can also come from its previous generations

6. I adopt Siberian Husky, but i don’t have a time to play with. Can i put it in the doghouse/kennel all day long?
Husky bring sled dogs genetics of which they are always moving, active and exploring. They tend to be destroy, cry out in boredom, or even escape if their movements are restricted.

7. What food is suitable for my Husky?
All meals, either Dog Foods or Raw Foods, are good for husky. The higher the protein contained in Dog Foods, the higher husky’s activities to release energy.
Raw food must be given in raw form, not boiled/cooked.

8. My Husky is really hard to eat. Why?

Husky is easily bored and difficult in terms of eating. It is recommended to give the meals in the right dose and are not too frequent.
Dog’s digestive is simpler than humans, foods will get converted to energy easily so that the Husky must get some excersise. If they do some excersise, they will not have eating prolems.
There is also the possibility of illness or problems in digestion, please contact your vet.

9. How much the price i should pay to adopt Siberian Husky?
It is vary, can be influenced by the seller’s reputation, quality, age, etc.

10. What is Siberian Husky life span?

12–15 years


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