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Here is a list frequent questions about the facts about dog sterilization (Spaying and Neutering). This will help the dog owner to make a decision about the dog should be sterilized or not.

Q: What is dog sterilization?
A: Sterilization prevent animals to breed (thus reducing dog over-population). Sterilization can provides many health benefits for dog and also reduce the problem of dog unwanted behaviors. Sterilization in female refer to lifting of female reproductive organs (ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus), while in males refer to lifting of male reproductive organs (testicles).

Q: Does my dog have to have puppies first before sterilized?
A: Absolutely not. The younger the age, the easier surgery performed by veterinarians and faster healing. Puppies can recover much faster than adult dogs. Sterilization is a small surgery and reducing disease. Sterilization surgery is easier on animals at a young age.

Whether the dog should have puppies or not depends on dog owner decision.

Q: Should my dog get first loop (menstruation) before sterilized?
A: Medically, dog is better sterilized before the first loop. This will reduce the risk of mammary gland cancer.

Q: Is dog sterilization expensive?
A: There are several clinics and veterinarians that can provide cheaper rates. For this information, you can get through a community of dog/pet lovers.

Q: Do dogs become obese after sterilized?
A: Dogs, like humans, will be fat if they eat too much food and do not do some exercise or activities. Make sure that the dog do exercise everyday to prevent obesity.

Q: My dog marking territory by spraying strong-smelling urine. If the dog has been sterilized, will it stop this kind of dog’s behavior?
A: Sterilization can make a marking behavior, which is a territorial behavior, diminish and even disappear altogether over time. Marking their territory behavior is intended to prevent another male dog to come into the area and get a female dog for mating. But, dogs can also keep marking caused by issues of health problems. So, it would be good to do a sterilization at a young age, before the animal reaches sexual maturity and before marking behavior has become a habit.

Q: Is Sterilized dogs can prevent disease in the future?
A: Yes. In female dogs, it will reduce breast cancer and completely eliminate cervical cancer and other diseases related to uterus. In the male dog, it will eliminates testicular cancer or other diseases due to the testicle and may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Generally, sterilized pets live longer.

Q: Is sterilization surgery safe?

A: Most animals experience discomfort during surgery and will return to their normal activities within a day or two.




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