You Will Never See These Dog Breeds

Why did these dog breed become extinct? Most of these dog breed became extinct because of crossbreeding and disease. Some people prefered the new look of the crossbred dog, and the original pure bred became unpopular and extinct.

1. English Water Spaniel

English-Water-SpanielOrigin: United Kingdom

Extinction: 20th century


– Curly-haired

– 20 inches (51 cm) tall

– Lean, long-legged with long ears and tail

– long and narrow head, with small eyes and ears that were long and covered in thick curls of fur

– Stout and barrel shaped body

– Long and straight legs with large feet

– Could swim and dive as well as the ducks

2. English White Terrier

English-White-TerrierOrigin: Britain

Extinction: 19th century


– Close, hard, short, and glossy coat.

– Pure white color.

– hard and firm muscle.

– 12 – 20lbs weight.

3. Fuegian/Yaghan

fuegian dogOrigin: Tierra del Fuego

Extinction: Early 20th Century


– Erect ears, sharp snout and a thick tail

– Tawny or entirely white color

– Aggressive attitude, lack of loyalty

4. Hare Indian Dog

Hare-Indian-DogOrigin: Canada and USA

Extinction: 19th Century


– Small head

– A narrow, pointed, and elongated muzzle

– erected pointed ears and broad at the base

– slender and long legs

– thick and bushy tail

– long and straight fur

5. Hawaiian Poi Dog

Hawaiian-Poi-DogOrigin: Hawaii

Extinction: 19th Century


– pot-bellied, short-legged

– very short hair

– flattened head

– dim-witted and sluggish

6. Kuri

Kuri-DogOrigin: New Zealand

Extinction: 19th Century


– long-haired and quite small

– short legs and a bushy tail

– Some were black, some white, and some a mixture of colors.

– They did not bark, but howled

7. Lapponian Shepherd/Cockhill’s Finnish Lapphound

Origin: Finland

Extinction: beginning of the 1980s


– Medium sized dog, with medium length fur in a double coat

– Pricked Ears

8. Molossus

MolossusOrigin: Greece

Extinction: –


– wide, short muzzle

– heavy dewlap

– Quite similar with mastiff/molosser type

9. Moscow Water Dog/Moscow Diver/Moscow Retriever/Moskovsky Vodolaz (Московский Водолаз)

Moscow-Water-DogOrigin: Russia

Extinction: 1980’s


– About 26 inches in height

– excellent swimmer

– aggressive

10. Norfolk Spaniel/Shropshire Spaniel

extinct Norfolk-SpanielOrigin: United Kingdom

Extinction: early 20th century


– liver-and-white or black-and-white coat

– Height: about 17–18 inches

– long legs, feathered ears, a white area on forehead

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