These Breeds Do Not Exist Anymore

Why did these dog breed become extinct? Most of these dog breed became extinct because of crossbreeding and disease. Some people preferred the new look of the crossbred dog, and the original pure bred became unpopular and extinct.

1. Alaunt

extinct Alaunt dog breedOrigin: Central Asia and Europe, bred by the Alani tribes

Extinction: 17th century


– large, short coated dogs

– long, broad, flat head

2. Alpine Mastiff

extinct Alpine Mastiff dog breedOrigin: Alps

Extinction: the 19th century (est)


– Molosser type

3. Alpine Spaniel

Alpine-spaniel extinct dogOrigin: Alps

Extinction: 1830s (est)


– thick curly coat

– large breed of spaniel, described as reaching two feet at the withers

4. Blue Paul Terrier

Blue Paul Terrier extinct dogOrigin: Scotland, England, Wales

Extinction: –


– Smooth coat and were powerfully built

– Weighed about 15 kg and measured up to 50 cm at the withers.

– Large head, flat forehead

– Short, large, broad, and square muzzle

5. Braque Du Puy

extinct Braque Du Puy dogOrigin: French

Extinction: –


– Medium to large size dog

– White with orange or liver colored marks

6. Bullenbeisser/German Bulldog

extinct Bullenbeisser breedOrigin: Germany

Extinction: 19th century


– Short coat

– Upper lips partially fall over the jaws

– Wide and strong jaws with a great bite force

– Large muscles

– Molosser type

7. Chien-Gris/Gris de Saint-Louis/Grey St. Louis Hound

extinct Chien Gris dogOrigin: France

Extinction: 19th century


-Medium to Large Size

– Rough coats

– Grey on the back with forequarters and legs tan or red, some having near black hair on the back

8. Cordoba Fighting Dog

extinct Cordoba Fighting DogOrigin: Cordoba, Argentina

Extinction: 20th century



– Height : 25 inches

– Large Size

9. Cumberland Sheepdog

extinct Cumberland Sheepdog breedOrigin: Great Britain

Extinction: 20th century


– Broad and flat head

– Medium-length muzzle

– Fell over to the front or were semi-erect and rather small ears

– Fairly long and extremely lithe body

– Muscular legs

– Low-set tail

– fairly heavy and quite dense coat

– Height: 20 inches, weight: 40-50 pounds.

10. Dogo Cubano/Cuban Mastiff

extinct Dogo Cubano Cuban Mastiff dogOrigin: Cuba

Extinction: 19th century


– Short, broad, and abruptly truncated muzzle

– Broad and flat head

– Deeply pendulous lips

– Medium sized ears

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