Kintamani Dog

Kintamani Dog BreedKintamani Dog is an indigenous dog breed from the mountainous area of ​​Kintamani, Bali Island, Indonesia. This dog has a medium size body and brave nature. Kintamani Dog phenotype is easily recognizable from other domesticated dog in Kintamani area.

General characteristics

These dogs can be classified into working dog group. Kintamani Dog has a balance proportions of medium size body. They have strong muscles and long/moderate hair with a specific white color, black or brown. Kintamani dogs is included in the same group of dogs that have characteristics of Spitz and primitive dogs such as Chow Chow, Basenji, and Samoyed.


Kintamani Dogs have a brave nature, good agililty, and high suspicion so that they can usually be a guard dogs. Kintamani Dogs often attack the dog or other animal who enters their territory. The have free, active, and flexible movements.


Kintamani Dog has a flat forehead and cheeks. They also have a strong and proportional muzzle, jaw, and teeth. Kintamani dogs’ lips stained in black or dark brown.

Kintamani Dogs HeadTheir ears are short, thick, strong, and formed like standing inverted V-shaped with slightly rounded on the tip. The distance between the two ears is quite wide. Kintamani Dogs’ have dark brown almond shaped like eyes with white eyelashes. Their nose color is black or dark brown but it can change due to the age and change in season.


The coat color of Kintamani dogs can be classified into 4 types:

1. White coat color with a slightly reddish brown color on the ears, the back of the thighs, and tail tip.

2. The black color with a smooth or a little white color chest.

3. Brown or dark brown with a blackish muzzle.

4. Brown or light brown primary color with black stripes

Height and Body Shape

Kintamani-Dogs-TailKintamani dogs have a medium body size. Their body height of male is 45 cm-55 cm and bitch is 40 cm-45 cm.

Their neck looks elegant with a strong medium length muscle. Their chest is deep and wide and back is flat. Female dogs body are relatively longer than males. Kintamani Dogs have a long fur collar in the shoulder area, the longer the better.

Kintamani Dogs’ legs are rather straight, long, and strong when viewed and front or rear. Their tail is pretty long with long hair and upright position to form an angle of 45 degrees or slightly curved or circular but do not fall over the waist or fall to the side. The longer the tail’s hair the better.





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