These Breeds Had Gone Forever

Why did these dog breed become extinct? Most of these dog breed became extinct because of crossbreeding and disease. Some people prefered the new look of the crossbred dog, and the original pure bred became unpopular and extinct.

1. North Country Beagle, Northern Hound or Northern Beagle

North Country BeagleOrigin: Britain

Extinction: Early 19th century


– Large

– bony hound

– Square head

– Long trailing ears

2. Old English Bulldog

Old English BuldogOrigin: Britain

Extinction: Early 19th century


– Compact, broad, and muscular body

– Average height was approximately 15 inches

– Weighed about 45 pounds

– Lower jaw that projected considerably in front of the upper jaw

3. Old Welsh Grey

Old Welsh Grey SheepdogOrigin: Wales

Extinction: 1980s


– shaggy, long-haired dogs

– “loose-eyed”

– noisy manner

– distinctive short bark

4. Paisley Terrier

Paisle TerrierOrigin: Scotland

Extinction: Early 20th century


– weighed around 7 kg (16 lbs)

– flowing silvery and soft coat of blue and tan

– long hair on the ears.

5. Rastreador Brasileiro

Rastreador BrasileiroOrigin: Brazil

Extinction: 1967 – 1973


– A hunting dog

– A large breed of dog

– Height: 62 to 67 cm (24.4 to 26.4 inch) at the withers

6. Russian Tracker/Russian Yellow Retriever

Russian Yellow Retriever TrackerOrigin: Russia

Extinction: late 1800s


– A large dog

– Height: 30 inches (76 cm) at the shoulder

– Weight: 100 pounds (45 kg)

– A thick, taffy colored double-coat

7. Salish Wool Dog

Salis -Wool DogOrigin: Washington State (USA) and British Columbia (Canada)

Extinction: 1858


– Long-haired wool dog

– Small dog

– Coyote-like

– White color

8. Seskar Seal Dog

Seskar Seal DogOrigin: Finland

Extinction: 1950s (but now recreated)


– medium-sized

– short-coated

– relatively light structure

– wedge-shaped head

– long and narrow muzzle

– forward and erect/slightly folded ears

– curled on the back tail

– short, shiny, and water-resistant coat (black, brown, or white with black or brown markings)

– 44 to 53 cm (17 to 20 in) tall

– weight: 14 to 20 kilograms (31 to 44 lb)

9. Smithfield/Smithfield Collie/Smithfield Sheepdog

Smithfield DogOrigin: London

Extinction: –


– herding dog

– a large, strong dog of collie type

– black, grey or red with a white collar, or wholly white

– floppy-ears and shaggy hair on the body, face and legs

– natural bobtail or longer tail

– Height 18 to 21 inches (46 to 53 cm)

10. Southern Hound

Southern HoundOrigin: Britain

Extinction: until 19th century


– a tall dog

– heavy dog

– a square head

– long ears

– deep chest

– a long bony body

– deep melodious voice


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