9 Extinct Dog Breeds

Why did these dog breed become extinct? Most of these dog breed became extinct because of crossbreeding and disease. Some people prefered the new look of the crossbred dog, and the original pure bred became unpopular and extinct.

1. St. John’s Water Dog

extinct St-John-Water-Dog breedOrigin: Newfoundland

Extinction: early 1980s


– medium-sized, strong, stocky, resembling modern labrador

– white patches on the chest, chin, feet, and muzzle

– short thick coat

– rudder-like tail

– love swimming

2. Tahltan Bear Dog/Chien d’ours de Tahltan

extinct Tahltan-Bear-Dog breedOrigin: Canada

Extinction: 1960-70


– athletic and agile

– average length glossy coat with black, dark brown, or blue color and some white patches on the chest and sometimes the feet

– guard hairs covering a thicker undercoat

– 14 to 17 inches high at the shoulder

– large, erect pointed ears

– refined, pointed muzzle

– Short, bushy and carried erect tail

– webbed, relatively large, double jointed, and gaited paws

3. Talbot

extinct Talbot-Dog-BreedOrigin: Possibly Belgium, France, England

Extinction: end of the 18th century


– Large, heavy, slow hounds

– good-mannered hunting dog

– ancestor of the modern Beagle and Blood hound

4. Tesem

extinct Tesem-dog breedOrigin: Egypt, Nubia, Punt

Extinction: 1550 BC – 1069 BC


– prick-eared

– leggy dog

– curled tail

5. Toy Bulldog

Extinct Toy-Bulldog breedOrigin: England

Extinction: early 19th century


– Dwarf size of buldog

– Developed from the Old English Bulldog and the Pug

6. Toy Trawler Spaniel

Extinct toy trawler spaniel Dog breedOrigin: United Kingdom

Extinction: By 1920


– small and light head

– upwards tip on its short black nose.

– flat and not dome shaped of top of the skull

– long ears set forward.

– quite long and curly but not woolly coat

– height: 11–13 inches (28–33 cm) at the withers

– The preferred colour was black with a white waistcoat, red with white waistcoat, black and white, and red and white.

7. Turnspit Dog

Extinct turnspit dog breedOrigin: United Kingdom

Extinction: By 1920


– short and crooked legged, long-bodied

– color: dusky grey spotted with black or entirely black with the under parts whitish

8. Tweed Water Spaniel/Tweed Spaniel/Ladykirk Spaniel

extinct Tweed-Water-Spaniel breedOrigin: England

Extinction: early 20th century


– long and curly tail

– liver-colored coat

– heavy muzzle and a pointed skull

– thick, slightly feathered

– hound-like ears

– droopy lips

– fore legs that were feathered, but hind legs that were not

9. Welsh Hillman

extinct Welsh-Hillman dog breedOrigin: Wales

Extinction: around 1990


– large but rangy

– 25 inches in height

– pricked ears

– light fawn, sandy or red-gold coat, with a black saddle, white chest, white on the legs and tip of the tail and a blaze on the face

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