Constantine’s Devotion

Constantine at the Monument of Loyalty

Monument of Devotion

Constantine aka Kostya or Faithful Kostya is a German Shepherd Dog that become a symbol of loyalty in Togliatti, Russia. In the mid-1990s, a couple died in a car crash during the summer of 1995, leaving the dog as the only survivor. Constantine kept coming to the same spot for the next 7 years braving freezing winters and hot summers. The Monument of Devotion – a bronze statue honoring the dog’s loyalty was placed on that spot in 2003 by the city authorities.

One day in 1995, city residents spotted a German Shepherd dog on the roadside. He was always in the same place and rushed at passing cars. Rumors spread quickly and the dog kept by the locals there after. But nobody succeed to keep him. The dog always came back to the same spot.

The story began in the summer of 1995. Not far from that roadside, there was a car accident of two cars collision. In the red car, there were a dog ​​and its owners — a young couple. The girl died immediately on the spot, and the man was brought to hospital due to severe condition. He died a couple of hours later. Miraculously, the dog survived from the accident.

People tried to keep him home, but they were unsuccessful. The dog could not accept its loss and settled down on the roadside. The dog always came back to the roadside, looking forward to their owners. He greeted every car which was going by. He had been waiting his master for 7 years. It brought sympathy from locals. People gave him food all the time. In any weather, the dog always waited and ran all the next passing car. He didn’t care of anything but his master. Time after time, snowing or raining days, he always stayed at the same place. People then called the German Shepherd dog “Kostya”, meaning “faithful”. People also called him “Constantine”, meaning “loyal or faithful” as well.

In 2002, the dog died. He was found dead in the woods. There were rumors that Constantine hit by a truck. Some people believed that Kostya had died naturally. Regardless the cause of his dead, the dog waited for his master to the last second.

It brought tears to all citizens. The dog’s devotion become a living legend in the city of Togliatti. People then built a roadside memorial shield with the inscription “Dog, teach us love and devotion.”. This shield is constantly blown away by the wind and also vandalized. Then, there was an initiative by Togliatti’s authorities to put a bronze statue of Constantine and it is still exist until now. A five feet Constantine’s sculpture set on a granite pedestal. The statue looks into the distance with hope in his eyes. The passers-by drivers might see the dog turns his head after the passing cars, as if still hoping to see his masters. In the end, Constantine finally found his master. In heaven.




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