Capitan Won’t Leave Guzman Alone at Night

Capitan Dog

Capitan, the faithful Dog

This is a remarkable true story of a faithful dog in the town of Villa Carlos Paz, central Argentina. Capitan, a dog who  refused to leave the side of his dead master’s grave for six years.

Miguel Guzman bought Capitan, a German Shepherd as a present for his 13-year-old son in 2005. on March 24, 2006, Guzman passed away. By the time Guzman’s family had returned home from Guzman’s funeral, they found Capitan was also gone. Mr Guzman’s family searched for Capitan but they found nothing. At the same time, Capitan left home to search for Guzman and miraculously managed to find Miguel’s grave in the nearby cemetery once he realized Guzman was no longer at home

The cemetery’s director saw a dog turned up to his cemetery one day, all on his own, and started wandering all around the cemetery until the dog eventually found the tomb of Mr Guzman. During the day, that dog walked around the cemetery, but always came back to the same grave, Mr Guzman’s grave. Every day, exactly at six o’clock evening, the dog laid down on top of the same grave and stayed there all night.

Guzman’s family went to the cemetery and recognized his pet. Capitan came up to them, barking and wailing, as if he were crying.  They were surprised how Capitan managed to find Guzman’s cemetery since they had never taken him to the cemetery.

The next visit to cemetery, Guzman’s family found Capitan was there again. This time, he followed them home and spent a bit of time with them. Before the day started getting dark, Capitan went back to the cemetery again. It seemed the dog didn’t want to leave his friend alone at night. They had tried to bring Capitan home several times, but Capitan always come straight back to the cemetery.

For six years, Capitan stayed by his owner’s graveside every day at 6pm. As of 2012, he continued to stand vigil over his Guzman’s grave. Capitan received provisions from the cemetery staff so he did not need to leave. The cemetery staff were feeding and taking care of Capitan as well.

Although the Guzman family would like to take Capitán home with them, they understand the dog’s immense loyalty to his best friend. The end.




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