Canelo Passed Away after 12 Years Waiting

canelo dog

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This is a true story about dog’s loyalty and unconditional love in the late 80’s. Canelo was a name of dog lived with his owner in Cadiz, Southwest Spain. His owner lived alone. Canelo, his most loyal friend and only companion, was following him all the time.

Canelo used to walk with its owner to the hospital where he was receiving dialysis treatment in Cádiz, Spain.  Once in a week, they went to Puerta del Mar Hospital, to get dialysis treatments due to kidney complications. Canelo was always waiting outside the door since hospital never allowed dog and other animal inside. After finished the treatment, his owner walked Canelo home.

The treatment continued until 1990. During the treatments, and again, the owner brought Canelo to the hospital, and Canelo always waited his owner outside. In 1990 his owner died at the hospital because the doctors were unable to help him anymore. Meanwhile, Canelo as always, was outside the door waiting his owner to come. But this time, his owner never came.

Canelo wouldn’t go home without his owner. Canelo was still waiting his owner time after time, year after year, in vain. People carried water and food for Canelo.Many people loved him and wanted to adopt Canelo. But, he always managed to escape and returned to the hospital waiting his owner.

Canelo might realize that his owner, his only friend and companion had gone forever. December 9, 2002 Canelo ran over, suddenly hit by a car, and died. Twelve years waiting outside the hospital for his friend to come back, and Canelo got nothing.

Canelo is the dog of Cadiz. The town Cadiz put his name to a street and a plaque in his honor. Canelo is a symbol of dog and human relationship, loyalty, and unconditional love. Heaven knows it. Heaven won’t let them be separated. They deserve to be together forever, in heaven. The end.



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